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Botech Electronic

It was founded in 1993 with the principles of providing price advantage in the quality and compatible product segment with its different design concept, high level service understanding. It has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction with product quality, production, sales, assembly and after-services.


Botech Elektronik

farklı tasarım konsepti, üst düzey hizmet anlayışı, kaliteli ve uyumlu ürün segmentinde, fiyat avantajı sağlamak ilkeleriyle 1993 yılında kurulmuştur.Ürün kalitesi, üretim, satış, montaj ve sonrası hizmetleri ile müşteri memnuniyetini kendisine ilke edinmiştir.


TV Hanger Apparatus

Satellite Systems

Satellite By-Products

Weak Current Cables

Security systems

The establishment made the first Analog Satellite Receiver and LNB import.

The first SMT Line was put into operation and the first Analog Satellite Receiver and LNB were produced.


Our Samandıra factory and new production lines were commissioned. The first Digital Satellite Receiver was produced.


The new investment period has begun. The daily production rate has been exceeded by 5 brands and 1,000 units.


It was decided to invest in the brand. Marketing organization was established.


Investments have been completed. In Digital Satellite Receiver, with 7 brands, the daily production speed has exceeded 2000 units.


INTERCOM SYSTEM products have been added to our company. Our software and hardware staff consisting of professional engineers; started to respond to new product and feature demands in the best way.


Weak current cable production started and the product range was expanded.

Lighting, Camera and DVR studies were initiated.

A business partnership has been made with the world's leading brand in camera. Led Lighting and Camera production phase has started. Our company is taking firm steps towards becoming a leader in the sector with its LED Lighting and Camera variety.


Production of the first Led Television started.


We are progressing rapidly towards becoming a global company that renews itself

In the field of satellite distribution systems, Security Camera Systems, Led Monitor Systems and accessories wholesale and after-sales service presentation applications, we are constantly expanding our market share, with our understanding of development and change, with the values ​​we add to the product and service quality, a leading and appreciated company and brand in its sector to take firm steps towards becoming.